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Driving Training for Teens & the Classroom


The State of Minnesota requires 30 hours of Classroom instruction and 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training for students who are under 18 years of age.
Things to know about Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel sessions:
  • All Students under 18 years of age must complete and have one parent sign a student contract agreement
  • Classroom training is provided year around at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN
  • Lessons are offered Monday through Friday and last two hours
  • Students are required to complete each individual lesson
  • Students will complete worksheets each class, using the MN State Driver's Manual
  • Behind-the-Wheel lessons are scheduled in three 2-hour sessions
  • Upon completion of classroom sessions - the student will receive a Certificate of Classroom Completion
  • Upon completion of Behind-the-Wheel sessions - the student will receive a Certificate of Course Completion

We also provide vehicles for Minnesota License Road Test
accompanied by our instructors.
All Drivers are picked at their convenient location
Please contact US to enroll or schedule:
All of our curriculums meet or surpass the standards required by the state of Minnesota and the Department of Public Safety as directed in MN Statute 7411.0515.